Ask an Official: Housing Authority Discusses Stonebridge Housing Project

This week’s featured question was submitted for Merrill Area Housing Authority Executive Director Paul Russell.

The question reads:
Is the new project over by Park Place pretty close to opening? It sure does look like it, what a beautiful job you all have done! What will the apartments look like? I mean how big? Will they have built in appliances and so on? I’ve heard there are lots of other goodies going in there too and would love to hear more. Is there an age cutoff to live there? Thank you to everyone involved!”

Answer as given by Russell
The new 38 unit apartment building across the street from Park Place is the new Stonebridge Housing Complex. The relocation of tenants from Park Place to Stonebridge is set to begin around September 10, 2018.

“Stonebridge consists of 32 one-bedroom apartments ranging from 650 – 800 square feet and 6, two- bedroom apartments ranging from 955 – 990 square feet. The apartments are spacious, with modern amenities to include heat, water, sewer, stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, air conditioners and off street parking. 
“The building provides an on-site hair studio, fitness center, laundry facilities on each floor, additional tenant storage units, lounge, community room with kitchen, vending machines and outside patio with pergola. 
“Individuals age 18 and older are eligible to apply and qualification will be based on meeting WHEDA (Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority) income limits.

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Story by: Merrill Foto News