MAHA Hosts Picnic for Residents at Agra Pavilion

On Tuesday morning the Merrill Area Housing Authority held a picnic for residents of Jenny Towers and Park Place at the new Agra Pavilion on the River Bend Trail.

The picnic started at 10 a.m. and ran until 4 p.m. The morning would start with golf cart rides on the River Bend Trail for the elderly, until 11:30 a.m. when they served lunch. Following lunch there was live music, along with K9 demonstrations from the Merrill Police Department and Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office, and a search and rescue demonstration from the Merrill Fire Department.

MAHA Executive Director Paul Russell said, “It’s really nice to get these people out of Jenny Towers and Park Place. If we just had a picnic outside at Park Place they wouldn’t be too impressed, but now they have all these activities going on and it’s great to see the joy it brings them.”

This is the first year the MAHA has held their annual summer picnic at the Agra Pavilion and plans to keep coming back for future picnics.


Story by: Merrill Foto News