Stonebridge Project Defies Elements to Remain on Schedule

Since getting underway in early February, the new Stonebridge Housing project has certainly experienced its share of obstacles. Despite various setbacks, including a record setting April snowstorm which dumped nearly two feet of snow over the Merrill area, the project has not only persevered, but the original timeline remains intact and on schedule.
As the project nears the halfway mark of its construction schedule, the tri-level structure overlooking the city has all its framework and windows in place as well as infrastructure for electrical and plumbing.
According to Horizon Group Project Manager Dave Jellings, roof work began in mid-April and will be wrapping up next week. The next step will be the start of interior work such as drywall and flooring which is expected to begin at the end of the month, along with completion of electrical and plumbing installation. Around the same time, exterior siding work will also begin, with both phases expected to be completed by mid-June.
“Our original completion date for the project remains intact for September 4,” Jellings stated. “But I assure you, the new Stonebridge Housing Complex will be open by September 1.”
MAHA Executive Director Paul Russell is not surprised by the project’s success and overcoming winter’s last stand.
“I like and appreciate Dave’s confidence,” he said with a smile. “We have a great crew assigned to this project that just doesn’t back down or slow down. From laying concrete in bitter cold and wind using heating blankets, to working through a massive winter storm in April; they just refuse to allow themselves to get sidetracked. The efforts of those working on this project have just been outstanding.”
When complete, Stonebridge will offer 38 brand new apartment units with a range of amenities.
“When this building is finished, the gateway to the west side of the city will have a whole new look. In the big picture, Park Place brought a whole new look during its era back in 1970. And Stonebridge will also bring a whole new look to the city, while providing affordable housing for the next 40-50 years.”


Story by: Merrill Foto News