Parking Policy

Merrill Area Housing Authority

Parking/Vehicle Policy

(Res. No. 378)

Parking Policy PDF

It is the policy of the Merrill Area Housing Authority (MAHA) to allow residents to keep one vehicle in the MAHA parking lots.  The word “residents” implies that an apartment with two people may have two vehicles, but only to the extent that space is available and no other resident requiring a space is being shorted a space because of it.  The rules listed below regard the use of the parking areas and vehicles allowed or prohibited.

  1. In order to be assigned a parking space, you must provide proof of current vehicle registration, valid driver’s license and liability insurance at time of move-in and annually at recertification. You will then be issued a MAHA parking permit for your vehicle.
  1. If there are two tenants in one apartment, each tenant must have a valid Wisconsin driver’s license and each vehicle must be registered and have liability insurance in order to have two vehicles.
  1. Tenants will be assigned available parking spaces at the time of move-in. As parking spaces become available they will be posted and any interested tenants will be able to sign-up for them.  The spaces will be reassigned according to seniority by lease-signing date unless the space is specifically designate to be handicap accessible.
  1. Designated handicap-accessible parking spots at each facility will be assigned to tenants having the greatest handicap-accessible need as determined by the Executive Director. In instances of the same or similar needs, seniority based on lease signing date will be the final determinant.
  1. Each facility has a designated “Loading Zone(s)” that should not be utilized as parking. They are meant for routine, intermittent tenant loading and unloading as well as loading associated with tenant move-ins and move-outs, vendor delivery, and emergency ambulance access.  This includes the front circular drive in the case of Park Place and the receiving room entrance area at Jenny Towers.
  1. You are expected to inform your guests that all parking is assigned and that visitor parking is available on the streets so there are no misunderstandings. If visitors are in need of overnight parking, please contact the office to be assigned temporary off-street parking.  We will provide designated “visitor” parking as available.
  1. Motor homes, motorcycles, campers, trailers, boats, etc. are not allowed in MAHA parking. Only vehicles that are driven on a regular basis, year-round (meaning at least twice a month, every month) will be allowed however, written requests for an exemption will be considered, but will be at the sole discretion of the Executive Director.  It is not the intent of MAHA to provide tenant vehicle storage. Unauthorized vehicles will be towed at the owner’s expense.
  1. Non-operable vehicles will not be allowed to be kept in the MAHA parking lots. Our policy requires that vehicles must be currently licensed and operable.  You will have 7 days to move your vehicle or repair it.  Exceptions will be made if the tenant provides the office with a repair schedule.  Non-operable vehicles will be towed at the tenant’s expense.
  1. If your vehicle is leaking vehicle fluids due to a malfunction, we will request that you move it and have it repaired. Vehicle fluids quickly deteriorate asphalt.  Oil changes and/or other vehicle repairs will not be allowed in our lots at any time.  No car parts, broken or disabled vehicles will be allowed to be stored anywhere on the property.
  1. Residents may not park in the “Employee Parking” or general public “Handicap Parking” spaces. Tenant vehicles will be towed if not parked in their designated parking space. We will give you an 8-hour notice to re-locate your vehicle to the proper space; otherwise your vehicle will be towed at your expense.
  1. Residents are required to notify the office of a change in vehicle, including registration, liability insurance or surrender of vehicle. Failure to do so may result in losing your right to an assigned parking space in the parking lot.
  1. If a tenant is found, by the Department of Transportation, to be incapable of driving, the vehicle must be removed from the property within 15 days and the parking space will reassigned to the next available tenant.
  1. If a tenant no longer has a vehicle but intends to replace it, the tenant will have 30 days to replace it. If the vehicle is not replaced within 30 days that assigned parking space will be reassigned to the next available tenant and a new space will be assigned to the previous tenant once another vehicle has been acquired.
  1. During the winter months it is the tenant’s responsibility to remove snow and ice from their vehicles. If we have more than 3 inches of snow, residents will be required to move their cars by 11:00 a.m. to allow for maintenance staff to plow and salt between cars to reduce the risk of falling. If you are not able to do so, it is your responsibility to make arrangements to have someone who can and will within the same time constraints. If that is not possible, it is suggested you arrange to store your vehicle elsewhere during the winter months.  Your spot will be reserved for you in spring so long as you continue to meet the other requirements, however, we may temporarily “loan” your spot to others during the winter months to allow them closer access.



Drafted:   October 8, 2014

Approved by Board of Commissioners:  October 8, 2014