The following rules and regulations are hereby established for all public areas at Park Place and Jenny Towers.  This Resolution supersedes any of the provisions of Resolution 146 and 147.

  1. Any public area may be reserved and/or used by any resident, commissioner, or staff member of the Housing Authority
  1. In order to make a reservation a request is to made at the office specifying the desired space, the nature of the function, the approximate number of people in attendance, the date desired and any other pertinent information.
  1. The Executive Director or designee will then review the request and make a decision. Generally speaking, reservations will be granted on a first come first serve basis.  Individual requests and regularly scheduled events may occasionally have to yield to special events.
  1. The person reserving the space is responsible for the general cleanup of the area and any damage, including equipment.
  1. There will be no charge for the use of the community space, but if additional clean up by staff is necessary, a charge may be issued to the individual who reserved the space.
  1. Community space cannot be reserved for the sale of merchandise by established vendors or for political reasons such as campaigning.
  1. Children under the age of 12 are to be supervised by an adult and discouraged from running in the halls or playing with the elevator.
  1. Non-residents are not permitted to use exercise equipment.
  1. Non-residents are not permitted to bring their pets into the building.
  1. Door to door solicitation, in any form, is prohibited.
  1. Any complaints can be given to the Executive Director who will interpret the intent of these regulations

Resolution 253 Adopted on 01/14/1998