No Smoking/Flame Free Policy

Merrill Area Housing Authority

Family Housing

No Smoking/ Flame Free Policy

(Res. No. 374 & Res. No. 375)

Park Place & Jenny Towers No Smoking Policy PDF
Family Housing No Smoking Policy PDF

The Merrill Area Housing Authority deems it both necessary and beneficial to implement a Nonsmoking/Indoor Flame Free policy at the Westgate Apartments, 1705 – 1709 Water Street and the 603 – 705 Woodbine Avenue, 100 S. California, 1011 St. Paul Drive and 1803 W. Main Street, Merrill, Wisconsin. This will apply immediately to all new and existing residents; there is no “grandfather” clause and shall become effective upon annual lease renewal dates; Oct. 1, 2014 at the Westgate Apartments and Jan. 1, 2015 at the Scattered Sites. Smoking (including e-cigarettes) and/or the use of open flames in any apartment or garage causes many problems such as increased risk of fires, increased turnover costs to cleanup units formerly occupied by smokers and increased health and safety risks not only to tenants and their children, but also to neighboring tenants associated with second-hand smoke or fire. As of July 10, 2014, the Merrill Area Housing Authority asserts that smoking (including e-cigarettes) anywhere in or on Housing Authority property including outside patios, driveways, garages and parking lots is prohibited at all locations listed above. Likewise, the indoor use of open flames (excluding gas ranges) is prohibited at all locations listed above. Fire pits of any type are also prohibited. The use of charcoal or gas grills outdoors for the purpose of cooking will be allowed at all locations. Clean up and safe, proper disposal of charcoal is the tenant’s responsibility. Coals should not be placed in the dumpster or garbage for disposal until properly allowed to cool. Residents of Westgate and the Scattered Sites are responsible for ensuring that their family members, guests and invitees also comply with this policy. Failure of tenants, family members, guests and invitees to comply with this policy is a lease violation and will result in the following cumulative steps:

First Offense – written warning

Second Offense – five day notice of lease violation

Third and Final Offense – termination of lease

Staff members smelling smoke will assume it is fire related and investigate accordingly. Any other indications of non-compliance reported by either staff or tenants will also be investigated and acted upon accordingly. While admittedly difficult to monitor or enforce, multiple allegations from multiple parties will, at the discretion of the Executive Director, be recorded and viewed as significant evidence after 5 such reports whether alleged or confirmed and will count as an offense meriting disciplinary action as outlined above. I have received and understand the no-smoking policy as added to my lease by addendum effective October 1, 2014 for Westgate or January 1, 2015 for Woodbine and Scattered Sites.