Park Place public apartments in Merrill reopen after renovations

MERRILL – There might not be a lot of people who enjoy living in tiny rooms.

And It’s a lot worse when they have safety concerns.

That’s exactly why the Park Place public apartments in Merrill underwent extreme renovations. A ribbon-cutting ceremony today helped celebrate completion of the project.

The fifty-year-old complex reopened after five years of remodeling and planning by the Merrill Area Housing Authority.

“[It was] built in 1970. [There were] really small apartments with no handicap and ADA codes that today obviously apply and didn’t in the early seventies,” said Paul Russell, the Merrill Area Housing Authority Executive Director.

Future and current tenants attended today’s grand reopening. Park Place has already received nearly 200 applications from interested renters.

“When you do a huge, in this case, 16-million-dollar project with 102 affordable housing units at stake at three different buildings, that’s a huge event for a small community,” said Russell.

Those who are interested in learning more about the improved Park Place apartments can visit the Merrill Housing Authority website.

The project was completed with the help of funding from government tax credits.

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